Private MailBox (PO Box + mail scan & mail alert) | Mail/Parcel - Hold or Forward | CBD Virtual Office business address for ACRA registration | NEW: Raffles Place & Tampines SnapBOX | FREE self-collect at 5 island-wide locations in Singapore.


SNAPMAIL with FREE SnapScans !

Payment Methods: Visa/Master/Amex. PayPal. Bank Transfer. Cheque. PayNow.

SnapScan: Choice of 'letter-cover' or 'open-mail' (ie: digitized mails)

Benefits & Services account type (b1 - s4)
Description b1 s2 s3 s4
Dedicated Mailbox (1) Yes No No No
Subscription from $15/m from $12/m from $7/m $3/m
Mail/Parcel quantities hi-low hi-med low Use & Pay
Personal/Business Both Both Both Personal
Virtual Address (2)
FREE SnapBOX Collect (3) (4)
FREE 'cloud' account
FREE SMS alert
FREE email alert
FREE 1 mth storage (3)
FREE 10 snaps per mth
Open-Mail Scan Optional (mails only)
Incoming Parcel (3) $0 $0 $2/p. $15/p.
Incoming Letter (4) $0 $0 $0 $5/L
Re-forward $5 + Postage / Courier Cost

(1) Standard personal mailbox is approximately 12 x 15 x 40cm.

(2) Virtual address cannot be used for SG-NRIC address.

(3) Parcel subject to weight and maximum dimension 30 x 40 x 80cm.

(4) $1/bundle to collect ‘letters’ from SnapBOX for s3 & s4 accounts.

Subscription (SGD) account type (b1 - s4)
b1 s2 s3 s4
36 Months $15/m $12/m $7/m $3/m
24 Months $17/m $14/m $8/m $3/m
12 Months $19/m $16/m $9/m $3/m
6 Months $23/m $20/m $13/m $3/m
3 Months $33/m $30/m $23/m n/a
1 Month n/a $40/m n/a n/a
Cloud Account Setup $10
Refundable Deposit $50
SnapScan with email & optional SMS alert.
FREE - first 10 mails/parcels/pages SnapScans per calendar month
11 to 25 SnapScans: $5 on applicable month
26 to 40 SnapScans: $10 on applicable month
41 to 55 SnapScans $15 on applicable month, etc.
Optional ADD-ON:
Add 'Personal' Names $2/m (unlimited users)
Add Company $3/m per Company
'Trash Mail' $5/m per account
'Up-Size' mailbox Subject to availabilty
'30 DAYS Money-Back Guarantee' Policy:
80% Refund. Not applicable to s4 or 1-month plan


  • SnapScan is mandatory for record & tracking purposes.
  • Parcel exceeding 5kg or ‘odd-sized’ may incur additional handling fees.
  • All fees are in SGD and is subject to change without prior notice. T&Cs apply.