50% DISCOUNT/REBATES with free ACRA alternate address for new SG business account. | Trusted & Reliable mail service for personal and business users. | Re-forward. Re-pack. Re-ship. | 7 FREE self-collection points in Singapore saves your postage!


(payment upfront)
subscription fee (SGD)
b1 s2 s3 s4
36 Months $20/m $15/m $7/m $3/m
24 Months $22/m $17/m $8/m $4/m
12 Months $24/m $19/m $9/m $5/m
6 Months $28/m $23/m $13/m $7/m
3 Months $38/m $33/m $23/m n/a
1 Month n/a $40/m n/a n/a
Mailbox setup $10 [one-time]
Refundable deposit $30 [refund on account closure]

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'30 DAYS Money-Back Guarantee' policy:
70% Refund. Not applicable to s4 or 1-month plan


  • Price-Lock on paid subscription. No hidden fees
  • 50% discount/rebates on main subscription fees
  • Free ACRA alternate address for business account holder
  • Re-forward anywhere at $5-10 [+ courier/postage]
  • 3.5% fee is applicable to paypal or card payment.
  • No card fee for PayNow, cheque or bank transfer.
  • All fees in SGD, subject to change without prior notice. T&Cs apply.