The one and only Singapore mailing address with free self-collect mailbox machines for Business or Personal use. Free incoming mail-alert with optional open-mail scan, re-forward and lots more!


About us:

SnapMail Boxes was formed in 2015 by a team of tech engineers to meet the increasing needs of users seeking a “private mailing address” to receive mails & parcels while busy at work or overseas. SnapMail is licensed by Singapore IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority) to handle mails and was recognized by the Singapore government as an innovative business with creative SnapBOX design and smart system-automation to improve productivity. Proven to be reliable, fast & secure, SNAPMAIL.SG provides value-add services to many local and overseas’ users around the world.
In 2019, SnapMail Boxes acquired a CBD business unit/address at Peninsula SC. It is located next to the bustling Funan IT Mall and is just 5-minute walk from ‘City Hall’, a major downtown MRT interchange for North-South and East-West lines.

Meeting different needs with innovative solutions:

To maintain a sustainable low-cost “private address” provider for both personal & business users, a variety of ‘volume-based’ price plans and service options are made available to suit different needs of both local and overseas users. Registration, self-renewal and payment can be done fully online. With strategically located hybrid SnapBOX island-wide, user need only a PIN to self-collect their mail items at their convenience. No keys, no missed deliveries and no worries even when travelling overseas. Home/hotel/airport/overseas dispatch are also available. Foreign nationals are welcome to sign-up with SNAPMAIL.SG

SnapScan & add-ons:

As the ‘SnapMail’ name implies, we literally ‘Snap’ (ie: SnapScan) all incoming mail items with advance optical scanners which instantly send images to user’s exclusive ‘cloud-based’ web account with email and optional SMS alert. Open-mail scan to digitize mails is optional and is very popular with frequent travelers. Once received, user can print, save the image, re-forward or self-collect the mail item at designated SnapBOX. User has the option to hold mail items in mailroom when overseas. In addition, SnapMail do provide basic office support services such as trash-mail, cheque deposit, re-packing or organize mail items for re-forward if required. SNAPMAIL.SG website is ‘SiteLock’ protected and SSL secured with world-class GeoTrust certification to encrypt sensitive data and information which are transmitted online. Customer’s privacy is always our top priority.