Get a premium SNAPMAIL virtual address for your home-business or for personal use. Manage all incoming mail through a "virtual" letter-box. SNAPMAIL trusted by over a thousand users worldwide.

SnapMail Services

  • SG Virtual Address from only $7 per month!
  • Free SMS/email alert with SnapScan photo-image
  • Add unlimited user names for only $2 per month

Busy at work, frequent travel or concern about personal privacy? SnapMail provides a private mailing address and will receive all mails & parcels on your behalf, hassle-free!

  • Accept parcels from local or overseas couriers.
  • Exclusive personal ‘cloud-based’ web account.
  • Optional ‘open-mail’ scan to digitize mails.
  • Free mail/parcel self-collect from SnapBOX island-wide.
  • Re-forward to local or overseas address if required.
  • Parcel on-hold in mailroom when overseas.
  • Trash-mail option to shred unwanted mails.
  • Re-packing, cheque deposit, etc.
  • Large personal parcel-box available for rent.
  • Foreigners are welcome to apply.


b1: Comes with an exclusive ‘personal’ letter-box(1).

s2: For users with more than 2 parcels per month & may have letters.

s3: For users with mostly letters & not more than 2 parcels per month.

s4: Occasional users only. Has incoming mail & parcel fees.

          (1) Standard personal mailbox is approximately 12x15x40cm.

          (2) Virtual address cannot is not a ‘residential’ address.

          (3) Handling fees may apply to odd-size parcel exceeding 30x35x40cm or over 5kg.

          (4) Letter refers to paper documents or magazines. Small package excluded.

‘Account Type’ descriptions & recommendations [read more]

Great for frequent travelers or overseas users.

Get notified when your mail or parcel arrives.

We'll sign & accept your package or parcel.

View mails & parcels exclusively at your private ‘cloud-based’ account.