50% DISCOUNT/REBATES with free ACRA alternate address for new SG business account. | Trusted & Reliable mail service for personal and business users. | Re-forward. Re-pack. Re-ship. | 7 FREE self-collection points in Singapore saves your postage!

Personal or Business use

  • SG Virtual Address from only $3 per month!
  • Free email/SMS alert with photo-image
  • Add 10 user names at only $3 per month

Busy at work, frequent travel or concern about personal privacy? SNAPMAIL provides a private, physical mailing address to receive mail & parcels on your behalf. [PROMO: 50% Discount/rebates for new s3 SG-business account with free ACRA 'alternate address'].

  • Accepts mail items from local or overseas couriers.
  • User friendly personalised ‘cloud-based’ virtual mailbox platofrm.
  • Optional ‘open-mail’ scan to digitize mail.
  • Free mail/parcel self-collect from 7 SnapBOX island-wide.
  • Re-forward to local or overseas address if required.
  • Mail items hold in mailroom storage when travelling.
  • Trash-mail option to dispose unwanted mail.
  • Re-pack, re-ship, cheque deposit, etc.
  • XXL personal parcel-box available for rent.
  • Foreigners or offshore companies are welcome to apply.


b1: Premium account with a 'physical' letterbox[1].

s2: Virtual mailbox to receive mail & parcels.

s3: Virtual mailbox to receive letters. Parcel is payable.

s4: Virtual mailbox for occasional users. Incoming mail items are payable.

          (1) Standard 'physical' letter-box, approximately 12 x 15 x 40cm.

          (2) Virtual address can receive parcels, bank statements, bills, government letters, etc.

          (3) Additional fee applies to parcel exceeding 90cm (total L+B+H) and/or over 5kg.

          (4) Letters: 3 months (unlimted for b1 account). Standard parcel: 1 month.

          (5) Any parcel. Document above 300gm is classified as 'parcel'. Applies to s3 account only.

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