50% DISCOUNT/REBATES with free ACRA alternate address for new SG business account. | Trusted & Reliable mail service for personal and business users. | Re-forward. Re-pack. Re-ship. | 7 FREE self-collection points in Singapore saves your postage!

Virtual Office address

  • CBD address for ACRA registration. (ACRA guide)
  • Optional ‘open-mail’ scan to digitize letters
  • Add-on Company at only $3 per month!

Your mail & parcels are in good hands while you are busy at work, on business travel or based overseas.

  • 50% subscription Discount/Rebates with free ACRA alternate address for new s3 business account.
  • Prestigious city address from only $1.50/month (ie: s4 account)
  • Free self-collect at 7 island-wide SnapBOX for your convenience.
  • Use as ACRA 'alternate address' for personal privacy
  • Various price-plans and service options to suit your needs.
  • Personalised ‘cloud-based’ Virtual Mailbox portal.
  • Re-forward to any local or overseas address.
  • Use as reply-mail or parcel-return address for online business.
  • Basic office support services (bank cheque deposit, redirect, etc.)
  • Add-on personal user names, trash-mail, etc.
  • Switch from other Virtual Office & receive rebates/discounts
  • Offshore companies are welcome to apply.

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