Get a premium CBD address for ACRA registration or for personal mail & parcels from just $7 per month. Cheapest in town with 7 island-wide FREE self-collection points. SAVE your postage !!

Registration & Collection

  1. Review price-plan and click ‘sign-up’ button.
  2. Select account-type (b1, s2, s3, s4), preferred term and re-forward/collection option.
  3. Choose letter-cover or open-mail scan and other add-ons as required.
  4. Various payment methods are available (ie: credit/debit cards, paypal, bank transfer, etc.)
  5. Mailing address & account details will be sent within 24hrs after payment is confirmed.
  6. Use SG address for bank statements, tax, bills, online shopping, etc.
  7. SnapMail accepts mails/parcels from both local & overseas couriers.
  8. Mailroom SnapScan all incoming items to your personal ‘cloud’ account.
  9. User will receive email/SMS alert with collection details.
  10. User collects at SnapBOX, hold in mailroom or re-forward to local or overseas address.
  11. Super ‘odd-sized’ parcel (max 20kg) can be collected at mailroom by appointment.