The one and only Singapore mailing address with free self-collect mailbox machines for Business or Personal use. Free incoming mail-alert with optional open-mail scan, re-forward and lots more!



What is a virtual address?

It is similar to a PO Box address but with SNAPMAIL address, it has many other features such as mail-alert, mail-scan, re-forwarding, re-ship, etc. All incoming mail items are instantly digitized into ‘photo-images’ to your personal dashboard.

Can I use SNAPMAIL address for bank statements, business registration with ACRA or for personal online shopping deliveries?

Yes you can as it is a ‘physical’ address and not a post office PO Box address.

Can I use SNAPMAIL address as an ‘alternate address’ in ACRA to keep my residential address confidential?

Yes you can, there is no additional charge.

How will the address look like?

Address templates are shown on “How it Works” page at SNAPMAIL website.

Will SNAPMAIL reveal my personal details or my home address to the sender?

SNAPMAIL treats all customer’s personal data with strict confidentiality.

Is ‘Suite number’ mandatory and must it be part of my mailing address?

’Suite number’ is mandatory for personal user names as it is a “unique” identifier for your mail items. ‘Suite number’ is optional for business letters.

Can I use the address for my business letter-head and stationery items?

Yes, you can after your account is activated by SNAPMAIL admin.

Can I display my company name at SNAPMAIL physical office?

Yes, this option is available on request with add-on fee.

Can I add more companies or more personal user names under the main account?

Yes, add-on is available for more companies or for personal use. Add-on fees are shown on the price-page.

Can I change the name of the company in my SNAPMAIL account?

Yes, you can email to on this request.

Is ‘open-mail’ scan available?

Yes, you can select this option during registration or when you require on adhoc basis.

Can a foreigner apply for a business or personal mailing address with SNAPMAIL?

Yes, foreigners are welcome to apply.

What identification or document is required to apply for a SNAPMAIL mailing address?

It can be your national ID, passport or driver’s license. Verification is required to ensure mail security and will be deleted thereafter.

Are my letters or parcels secure with SNAPMAIL?

All mail and parcels are processed and handled in a secure environment with CCTVs.

Will I get junk mail?

Only mail items addressed to users’ names or the company’s name will be processed. Junk mail will not be processed.

Is someone in SNAPMAIL office to receive my incoming mail item when delivered?

Mailroom ‘drop-box’ for deliveries and courier service companies operates from 7am to 9pm daily. If signature acknowledgement is required, delivery should be made between 12pm to 4pm on business days.

Will I be notified when there is an incoming mail item for me?

Users will receive mail-alert with ‘photo-image’ attachments on the dashboard. SMS alert is optional for SG mobile numbers.

Is there a limit on the number of mail items I can receive?

Technically no limit. Aside from s4 plan, all other plans generally has 10 free incoming mails each month. Please refer to price-page for more details.

Is there a limit on weight and dimension of the parcel?

Parcel should not exceed 20kg and/or 50cm-cube in size. There will be additional handling fees for parcel above 5kg and/or odd-sized items. Please refer to price-page for more details.

What if the package requires GST payment?

We can make payment on your behalf with applicable service fee. Alternatively, you can make payment directly to the courier company before they are delivered to SNAPMAIL.

Can I upgrade to a different account type half-way through my contracted term?

Yes you can. Admin will ‘pro-rate’ the price difference on the remaining months of your existing plan.


How do I sign up for a SNAPMAIL account?

You can register online on the website at your convenience. It takes only about 5 minutes to complete.

Which plan should I select?

We have four different account plans. To receive both letters and parcels, b1 or s2 plan will be the most appropriate. S4 plan is the cheapest plan but has a $15 fee for each incoming letter or standard parcel. Refer to ‘price-plan’ page for more details.

Can I pay the subscription fee on a ‘monthly’ basis?

Payment is upfront for the signup period. Longer term signup can enjoy a higher discount on subscription fees.

Why is there a ‘refundable deposit’?

This is for incidental charges to avoid mail processing delays. Refundable deposit will be refunded when the account is closed, less any outstanding.

What are the payment methods?

Payment can be made via bank transfer, PayNow, PayPal or credit/debit cards.

Will I get an acknowledgement or receipt for my payment?

User will get instant acknowledgement by email after registration, automated reciept will be provided if payment is made via PayPal or card.

Are prices in SGD and is GST included in the pricing?

Prices shown are in SGD. SNAPMAIL do not charge GST.

Will subscription fee increase after I have sign-up and paid?

If payment is paid for the committed period during signup or renewal, subscription fees are ‘lock-in’ for the whole period.

How long does it take to get my mailing address after payment is made?

New account will be processed within 24 hours after payment is confirmed by admin.

What is the refund policy?

New user is guaranteed 70% refund on the total amount paid within 30 days from registration. This is not applicable to s4, one-month plan or plans with promotions. However, all new users are eligible to upgrade or downgrade to any plan within the first 30 days after the sign-up, excess payment will be fully refunded.


What are the operating hours to collect my mail item/s?

SnapBOX operating hours to ‘self-collect’ is between 7am to 11pm daily for all locations, except for City Hall and Raffles SnapBOX which operates from 7am to 9pm daily.

What is the cost to dispatch or re-forward mail items to my home or to another overseas address?

Self-collection at pre-selected location is free. Home dispatch or re-forward will depend on weight/size, destination, and the courier service provider you select. Admin will provide options and costing after we have received your mail items.

Do SNAPMAIL consolidate several parcels together, re-pack and organise re-forward to save on shipping cost?

Yes, this is based on User request. Admin will provide several options and cost after we have received your mail items.

Which courier service companies do SNAPMAIL use?

SNAPMAIL uses DHL, Fedex, SingPost and other local ‘door-to-door’ delivery companies. Admin will provide cost options based on your request after we have received your mail items.

Can I ask someone else to self-collect my mail items from the SnapBOX?

Yes, you can use your dashboard reply button to provide collection date in advance where applicable. Mailroom will provide ‘box and pin’ number to your dashboard.

How long can I store my mail items in the mailroom?

Free storage for letters is 3 months, parcel is 1 month. If total parcel volume exceeds one meter-cube space, all parcels must be collected within 7 days. Extended storage fee will apply after free storage period.

Can I change my self-collection frequency?

Yes, you can change the ‘dispatch status’ on your dashboard anytime which applies to future incoming items.

Can I change the location of my ‘self-collection’ point or my ‘dedicated’ b1 mailbox?

Yes, once per calendar year is free. Change to City Hall mailroom SnapBOX is always free.


Can I view my past transactions and billing/payment records?

Yes, it can be viewed at ‘transaction & statement’ section. Payment options are also shown in this section.

How can I renew before my account expires?

Users will get automated reminders on 30days and 3days before account expiry. However, users can ‘self-renew’ anytime at their virtual mailbox account platform at their convenience. User can change to a different plan or term before check-out to make payment.

Do long-term user get special discount during renewal?

Users will get free one-week loyalty bonus for every continuous past year when user self-renew before actual account expiry date. Bonus week is not applicable to s4 plan and user must renew for at least one-year term to be eligible.

Can I close my account earlier, before the account expires?

Yes you can. However, only the refundable deposit less any outstanding amount will be paid back to the user.

Can I ‘temporary’ close my account as I plan to re-use with the same “suite number” in the future?

Yes, you can request admin to retain your refundable deposit and to temporary close your account when it expires. When ready to re-use, no new registration or setup fee is required.