Private MailBox (PO Box + mail scan & mail alert) | Mail/Parcel - Hold or Forward | CBD Virtual Office business address for ACRA registration | NEW: Raffles Place & Tampines SnapBOX | FREE self-collect at 5 island-wide locations in Singapore.


  • Dedicated personal mailbox from $15 per month!
  • Free SMS/email alert with SnapScan photo-image
  • Add unlimited user names at only $2 per month!

SnapBOX is a unique mail & parcel multi-compartment unit, designed and custom-made for SnapMail Boxes. The hybrid modular unit is made of solid steel which comes with standard mailboxes and various large compartments for users to collect their parcels. Every SnapBOX unit is monitored with 24-hours HD CCTV and each box is operated with PIN codes.

  • Ideal for users with high volume mails or parcels.
  • Each account comes with a ‘dedicated’ mailbox.
  • Free self-collect at 24 hours SnapBOX.
  • Parcel on hold at mailroom when you are overseas.
  • Keep your home address confidential at all time.
  • Large locker available at selected SnapBOX for ‘personal’ use.
  • Optional open-mail scan, thrash-mail and re-forward services.

SnapBOX dimensions
Standard mailbox: 12x15x40cm
XL parcel-box: 30x40x40cm
XXL parcel-box: 30x40x80cm (AMK SnapBOX only)

Home/Hotel delivery available at additional cost.

Absolute Privacy!Your home address remains P&C.

Keyless 24/7 secure PIN access.

We'll sign & accept your package or parcel.

Add users or business names.

SnapBOX Locator

SnapBOX locations shown are subject to change without notice.